Slobodna domena Zadruga za otvoreni kod i dizajn

You can't buy knowledge

But it sells

We don't need no education
(actually we do)
we don't need no thought control
(no, we don't)

Since we started working with web and programming in the early days of internet, when one could not get format education for that, we had to rely on ourselves and the ability to learn independently. Since we grew up in the settings where information sharing was normal, this gradually led us to teaching others about what we have learned. Our knowledge became useful for some organisations, companies, institutions. So without attention or plan to do so, we as individuals got experienced with doing workshops and lectures. After Slobodna domena was founded we have unified our references as educators and realised that we have something we can also offer as our coop's service. Educations are not our primary field of activity but we have done some mentorships, workshops and lectures. They were all focused on similar topics: digital skills and surroundings. We advocate a simple approach, understandable to everyone.

Some of the tasks we like to remember are:

We also have some experience in individual mentorships where we participate in Erasmus for young entrepreneurs programme through which we have hosted young people from Europe for periods of six months. Also, through our organisation and various partnerships we have mentored several people from Croatia. With mentorships it's always about raising the level of candidate's competence through a combination of practical technical and business skills training.

In 2021. we were faced with a challenging yet interesting task. We had to plan and run a workshop which will raise the level od digital security of an organisation. Although they had an IT infrastructure that they were using intensely and members of organisation were digitally literate, there was a need to systematically approach the situation and raise security and awarenes. During the pandemic they switched to working remotely what has opened additional risks.

As an answer to this task we have prepared a two day workshop that was a combination of education, status check and policy development to respond to detected risks. By using different methods like presentations, polls, moderated discussions and workshops, after two days of intense work we came to the conclusion how similar workshops would be useful for many similar organisations.

Field of digital security became an important but complex topic. With GDPR in action taking care of personal data became more important than ever. It is interesting to see that the answer to all these challenges is actually raising up the quality of IT infrastructure, implementing new software and raising efficiency.

If your organisation has problems with IT infrastructure, if you are not certain about your strategy, if you have dilemmas about how secure you systems and data are, if you want to educate your members and workers, think about working with Slobodna domena. Get in touch with your problems and ideas

Themes that we will cover though this set of services:

First hour of consultation is free. We will detect your problems and suggest an education or consulting, tailored to meet your needs.