Slobodna domena Zadruga za otvoreni kod i dizajn

Non-profit, socially responsible organizations

You're a non-profit organization? That's great because we are one, too! Is there anything more natural than for us to join forces?

We view social responsibility the same way: the Cooperative supports a number of positive values and we're motivated to partner up with organizations who share a similar vision of society.

Just like you, we also want to change the world around us. 6

[6] Which values does the Cooperative harbour?
Traditional values, of course. We're a transparent, democratic organization, founded to create and support initiatives that act towards defending and expanding the definition of public goods, strive for a just distribution of surplus value, protect and defend equality, fight discrimination and encourage democratic decision-making. answers to all questions →

You can count on an honest, partner-like relationship. Our internal democratic structure compels us to do business in a transparent manner that's beneficial to both sides, whilst our experience in civil society projects guarantees that we can understand your position, goals, wishes, problems and endeavours.

We're certain that we can help you because we're not just another profit-oriented company – we want to actively work with you on all project phases, from planning to evaluation. 3

[3] What do you mean when you say you're a democratic organization?
Our cooperative gathers persons who invest their resources, knowledge, experience, time and energy into common goals and causes, defined by the Cooperative rules. As an organization, we follow a structure in which, through the Assembly, every member has the right to vote and access our documents. This is why we work transparently and responsibly, in accordance with our goals. answers to all questions →

Our cooperative model is greatly similar to working with any other company, administration-wise. Our work processes are well thought-out, and the projects we've implemented so far speak enough about quality. We are also experienced in European and other projects funded by grants. 1
[1] Can Slobodna domena issue an invoice?
Of course. We are registered with the Commercial Court in Zagreb and we pay VAT. Our invoices go through the books just like at any other company. The only difference is that you're satisfied with the invested/gained ratio when you pay one of our invoices. answers to all questions →
[2] What is a cooperative, anyway?
Simpy put, it's a hybrid between a company and an association. A cooperative is a legal entity with rights and obligations of a regular company. answers to all questions →