Slobodna domena Zadruga za otvoreni kod i dizajn

Join us

We're open to new members and we encourage anyone who wants to contribute to join us.

The first step is to check out the work we've done so far and accept the Cooperative rules. Then you can fill out the Membership application form. The application is approved by our Membership Board and then the only step left is to pay the membership fee, which makes you a full member. Easy, right?

Who are we looking for? All professionals who want to make a positive change to the world we live in. We consider ourselves workers and activists who strive to take control of our lives into our own hands and work on our terms.

We believe in what we do and trust that it's inspiring enough to draw sympathizers and drive away those who are primarily after profit. So...

... if you work at a company in which you're unhappy, stagnating, working on projects that you consider immoral or working for a boss who exploits his workers;

... if you're a freelancer who simply can't move on to better projects, even though you know you can do better; or if you simply don't want to work alone anymore;

... if you're a student or an unemployed person who wants to learn new skills through work and find out firsthand what it means to invest your knowledge into social change;

... if you're a lonesome entrepreneur tired of the everyday struggle and know that a collective can achieve more than just one person;

... join us!

Membership board:

Do you have to be an actual member of the Cooperative for us to work together? Of course not.

We realize that not everyone is going to jump on our bandwagon right away, so we're offering you an opportunity to get to know us better by working with us, and then you can decide whether the Cooperative is something you've been searching for your whole life. So, if you're thinking of something like that, feel free to contact us.